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Here Are 8 Lesser Known Operating Systems You Should Know!

The Operating System is the single most important part of gadgets (PCs/laptops/smartphones etc). You must be familiar with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and so forth. These are undoubtedly the cream of the crop! However, little do we know there is still life beyond the known!

Operating System, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, KolibriOS, Firefox OS, Slax, Ubuntu for Phones, ReactOS, Tizen OS, Tails, Qubes OS
Here are 8 not-so-known operating systems that are still downright amazing:

1. KolibriOS

-Forked off from MenuetOS, KolibriOS is the smallest graphical user interface operating system. However, being tiny doesn't at all come at the cost of power and speed.

-Small enough to fit in a floppy disk, Kolibri is still a complete and working GUI.

-Bootable using either a floppy disk, optical disc, flash drive or hard disk drive.

-Can read numerous file systems: FAT32, NTFS, and EXT3/4.

-Applications such as text editor, email client, HTTP client, etc are available for basic computing tasks.

-Available in two versions: 1.44MB (essential features) and 3MB (additional features).

2. Firefox OS

-Firefox OS has been named after Mozilla's very popular and open source web browser, Firefox.

-Completely open source mobile platform, Mozilla's Firefox OS is built on open web standards such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

-It features an interface much like that of Android.

-However, the only downside, it doesn't support native apps, only web apps built using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

3. Slax

-Based on Slackware Linux, Slax is a modern, portable, small (only 220MB) and fast Linux operating system with a modular approach.

-Comes with a set of essential apps for basic computing, however, its functionality can be increased by leaps and bounds using modules.

-Being a live operating system, it does not need installation. It can run directly from a portable drive.

-Persistent storage allows your data and preferences to get saved in your flash drive. The same will load automatically upon the next run.

4. Ubuntu for Phones

-Ubuntu is now available for phones under the name of Ubuntu for Phones, on top of Ubuntu for tablets, Ubuntu Server edition and Ubuntu Desktop.

-Perhaps the most attractive feature here is giving developers the ease to write just one app that will then seamlessly work across all Ubuntu platforms. The apps will be available via the Ubuntu Software Centre.

-Preference has been given to 'control' rather than content. Every edge of the screen comes with a specific purpose, giving an easy acces to all your apps, content, and controls.

5. ReactOS

-Touted as a fully functional and compatible Windows replacement (with a GUI similar to that of Windows XP/2003) along with the advantage of being completely free and open source.

-Designed on the principles of Microsoft’s powerful NT architecture, ReactOS's kernel is written from scratch, and is based on WINE.

-Readily supports many Windows drivers, and is able to run numerous Windows software.

6. Tizen OS

-Completely open source and standards-based software platform.

-Based on HTML5, Tizen provides 3D window effects, multi-tasking, multi-touch, sensor and location-based service frameworks. Furthermore, it supports multiple screen resolutions.

-Tizen is one of the only projects backed by a company as massive as Samsung.

-The Tizen Association is a Samsung and Intel-led industry group that has been guiding the Linux-based OS’s development.

7. Tails

-The Amnesic Incognito Live System is a Linux distribution based on Debian.

-It does not need installation. It can run directly from a portable drive such as optical disks and flash drives. Meanwhile, since it runs entirely in the computer’s RAM, all files and browsing history is automatically erased once the system is turned off.

-Makes use of numerous security tools to preserv your privacy and anonymity while browsing: Tor anonymity network, cryptographic tools etc.

8. Qubes OS

-Based on Xen, X Window System and Linux. Qubes takes the security-by-isolation approach for improved security. Under the same, it creates many security domains, each functioning as lightweight Virtual Machines. Each domain comes with its own set of security restrictions that virtually isolates one domain from the rest.

The Learning Pit

Electronics is a pretty vast subject that covers various aspects of our daily lives. For an electronics engineer, learning about circuits doesn't stop with basic circuitry. You have to go into radio, antenna and other aspects as well. Here are some tutorials that will help you with that.

electronics, electronics tutorials, learn electronics, ohm
1. The Learning Pit

Here you will find a number of tutorials on PLC and Software Simulators, Tutorials in Electric Circuits, Electricity Basics and other tools.

2. Naval Electrical Engineering Training Series

This website contains tutorials on AC and Transformers, matter, energy, electricity, circuit protection, wiring, electrical conductors, schematic reading, solid state devices, electronic emission tubes and power, fiber optics etc.

3. Play-Hookey

This is a very good resource for tutorials on digital electronics, DC electronics, Op Amps, Computer Basics, Semiconductors and other topics.

4. Properties of Electricity

This one deals with somewhat basic tutorials and covers topics like Ohm's Law, Circuits and Phase, Induction and Inductance, Conductivity, Bridger, Impedance etc.

5. Radio-Electronics

Here you will find some basic tutorials on electronics components. There are also tutorials on Electronics Communications.

6. Scots Guide to Electronics

This is a collection of tutorials on Analog and Audio Electronics, Signals, Radio, Datasheets, Components and other topics.

7. Techlearner

Here you will find tutorials about basic aspects of electronics like AC and DC circuits, electronics tutorials, communications, datasheets and circuits.

8. Virtual Oscilloscope

This is not exactly a tutorial. Rather, here you will find a simulation of an Oscilloscope, which shows various features of the device and gives you sinusodial waveforms.

9. Williamson Labs

This is a tutorial on oscilloscopes, links, elementary electricity, components, Op Amps, Optics, Intuitive Electronics, RF, TV, Filters, Cell Phones, Computers, Antennas and other topics.

10. Beginning Embedded Tutorials

Here you will find 11 tutorials that will take you through embedded electronics and the various aspects of it that you need to understand.

11. Electronics Tutorials

Here you will find a huge list of topics related to electroncis and information on those topics that will come in handy to you.

12. Micheals Electronics
This website is dedicated to electronics tutorials that has been created by an electronics engineer himself.

Digital Electronics Tutorials

If you were looking for more tutorials in electronics, then this link may suit you fancy.

14. Electromagnetic Waves and Antennas

This is a book that gives you an introduction to electromagnetic waves and antennas.

15. Electromagnetism for Electronic Engineers

This is another book that deals with Electromagnetism. It contains examples and solutions that will be useful for learning.

Looking To Hack Others' Facebook Accounts? Think Again!

Well, if hacking is your preferred hobby or your profession for that matter, and you go about hacking other peoples' Facebook accounts just for the sheer fun of it, well, you're in for a bitter surprise. A new scam is doing the rounds lately that tricks 'smart' hackers into revealing their own passwords as they look to fiddle around with others' accounts. Clearly, the tables have turned!

Facebook Accounts, hacking, scam, web browser, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, HTML editor , Self-XSS

Talking about the technical aspects, the scam essentially exploits the Self-XSS (cross-site scripting) vulnerability of the web browsers (no way connected with Facebook). There has not been any security update released by Facebook as of now to counter the scam. The best that it has done is to put up a warning to those posting such codes into the HTML editor to refrain from doing so. Although, a security patch would be better for the obvious reasons!

10 Interactive Commands In Linux You Can Use While Running Top

Linux users know the importance of the top command. top essentially is used to deliver your processor activity in real-time, listing the most CPU-intensive tasks on your system. Further, it lends users an interactive interface wherein you can manipulate these processes. However, that's not all it can do. A number of single-key commands can be used while the top command is running so as to a lot of other things.

Interactive Commands, Linux command line, top command, space, PID, kill process, memory, zombie process

Update display immediately


Erase and redraw the display


Kill process

For normal kill: PID of the task > signal 15

For abrupt kill: PID of the task > signal 9


Toggle to ignore idle/zombie processes


Quit a process


Display memory information


Display command name/full command line


Numerically sort tasks by pid


Write current setup (~/.toprc)


Toggles cumulative mode

New Camera System To Enhance Image Capture

Research team from the University of Bonn and University of Columbia, developed a camera which can capture around the corner. This technology uses diffusely reflective lights for reconstructing the shape of objects which is not in direct field of view of the camera or the person who is holding it. Professor Dr. Ing. Matthias B. Hulin from University of Bonn, working on this project closely, shares mathematical procedure created by his team, which was coupled by the camera system, in order to transform the wall virtually into the mirror.

In the setup, the laser light was shown on the wall which acted as a source of information. The light which bounced back had some valuable data in it about the appearance of such object beyond the wall and around the corner. The light echo was captured by researchers which is actually time resolved data which can be used later to reconstruct the object. A special camera system was developed by the team which records the direction of the light and see how long it took the light from source to the camera.

By using image sensors from video and spare cameras, the team measured the sum of numerous light reflections which reached the camera lens through multiple paths. The real challenge for the team was to extract the information from the data. Mathematical procedures gave them the required results. It is not the perfect model and has room for improvement. Team is looking at achieving a higher resolution of images soon. This technique can be used in number of fields such as medical imagery, remote sensing and telecommunications.

Here's India's Very First 'Anonymous' Social Network App

Mobility and internet solutions provider Vavia Technologies has introduced a one-of-its-kind social networking app for the Android platform that lets you interact and communicate with your near and dear ones 'anonymously'. Notably, 'Confess' is the first such app to be launched in India. Meanwhile, an iOS version is expected to come out soon.

Confess, Android app, iOS, Anonymous social network, confessions,connections, comments, likes
Confess is essentially an anonymous social network that will allow users to share their secret confessions with 'only' their connections and groups without the fear of prying eyes. A user can post confessions on this application which will then appear on all his/her connections alone using the app. Comments/likes on the confession in the aftermath will also be visible to the user/their connections alone. Further, no identities are revealed during the entire process.

"With the growth and reach of social media, today it’s becoming increasing difficult to communicate anything without being judged. Confessis a unique app that allows you to reach out to your entire network without having to reveal your identity. It’s time to move beyond the confession pages on Facebook and consolidate all your thoughts on a single platform. On the very first day, people spent 2,500 hours using India’s first anonymous social network; which is very encouraging for us to ascertain the availability of this app on various platforms," Alan D Souza, Founder & CEO, Vavia Technologies was quoted as saying.

You can download Confess for the Android platform here.

Tips To Save Your Precious Eyes From Computer Vision Syndrome!

Avoiding work on computer is nearly impossible now. You should also be aware about vision problems you get to face, when using computer screen for longer duration. These screens emit harmful blue light and prolonged exposure can lead to digital eye strain in medical lingo. However, one can avoid it by following some simple steps.

 1. Clean your screen regularly

Dirt and dust makes it strenuous for your eyes to read. If you choose to ignore it, you might make it your habit and can lead to chronic headaches in the longer run. Just wipe the screen with a plain cloth and avoid the strain!

2. Use proper lightning

If there is too much light either from internal source or direct sunlight, it causes strain on eyes. You should place your system away from sunlight and eliminate exterior lights. Also avoid to work under over fluorescent lights or turn them to full spectrum.

3. Blink regularly

Computer screens makes us forget to blink and you blink less frequently while working with system. Blinking is must as it moist your eyeballs and prevents them from irritation. If you still feel the problem, use lubricating eye drops prescribed by your doctor. Use laptop in place of desktop as your eyes remain moist.

4. Follow 20-20-20 rule

Take 20 seconds break in every 20 minutes and focus on something 20 feet away from you. This simple task will help you to maintain a healthy moisture level in your eyes. Add another 20 by sitting 20 inches away from the screen.

5. Annual eye examination

Opt for comprehensive eye checkup at least once a year and also prevents any vision problems by keeping a check on them. Eye test reveal other health factors as well such as diabetes, stroke, brain tumours, cardiovascular disease and much more. Also tell your doctor about your computer usage per day.

6. Use number glasses

Having computer glasses is a nice investment as it reduces neck strain, back strain and eye strain. The anti reflective and anti glare coating softens the harsh rays coming from the screen.

7. Include “Green” in your diet

Include leafy veggies in your diet like spinach, broccoli, zucchini, peas etc. It is important to prevent any harm rather than curing it in the longer run. Vision is one the most important senses after all!

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Download Pangu 1.1.0 for Mac OS X & Windows

Today, the Panguteam finally released the first update of iOS 7.1.1 untethered jailbreak. Pangu 1.1.0 for Mac OS X also available for download, new version fixed  bugs and improved stability, etc.. Unlike the previous version, the team claims that this version uses a new info leak vulnerability instead i0n1c’s.
Now Mac users can download Pangu 1.1 for Mac to jailbreak iOS 7.1.1 on the following compatible devices:
  • iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4
  • iPad Air, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2
  • Retina iPad mini, iPad Mini (1st generation iPad mini)
  • iPod touch 5G

What’s new in Pangu 1.1.0

1. Add English support.
2. Optimize the file size.
3. Fix the bootloop issue.
4. Using new info leak bug instead of @i0n1c’s
5. Add online self verification
PanguTeam suggested that there is no need to re-jailbreak if your device has been jailbroken successfully. They are preparing a new “Pangu 7.1-7.1.x Untether” package in Cydia Store, by then you can directly update the jailbreak patch in Cydia.
Now you can download Pangu v1.1 for Mac and Windows from our download page.
For software security, well-known hackers like MuscleNerd of the evad3rs team and iH8sn0w, developer of p0sixpwn and Sn0wbreeze, have confirmed that the Windows version of the jailbreak is safe and does not include any malware or spyware.
To jailbreak your device running on iOS 7.1.1, back up your data and update the device to 7.1.1, then download the tool from above and follow this guide on Windows we have posted in v1.0 or this guide for Mac.
Note: Set back your system time as automatically after jailbreaking complete.

Pangu 1.1.0 for Mac OS X –(Mirror)
Pangu 1.1.0 for Windows –(Mirror)

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Top 10 Sniffing Apk

Hello welcome to some good sniffing or you might say "Hacking" apps if you know a app that's not on here by all means post it here
I am not responsible for whatever happens to your phone

Apps that are in the pack
7.WiFi kill
9.Droid Sheep Guard
11.Shark App Pack (shark & shark reader)
12.SMS Combo
13.SMS Retaliator
14.bunch of WiFi pen apps
16.GTA3 trainer killer guardian
19.Netswiss tools
22.Spy kit universal mailer

If you have more apps like these post in the comments

Thank you's
ssojyeti2--> EvilOperator
mnomaanw-->GTA lll Trainer
mnomaanw-->Game killer
mnomaanw-->Game guardian
Boborone-->Netswiss tools
Gmobilize--> spy kit universal mailer
hinxnz--->PenTest Tools List
BatEarsJoe--->OFS - Mobile DoSer
And to dev that make these wonderful apps

The App Breakdown Download this link Sniffing

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Android (Unlimited Bucks Gems)

                                            Zombie Killer v1.6 (Unlimited Bucks Gems).apk 

                                               Minecraft - Pocket Edition v0.9.4 .apk

How to earn more money in Probux

ProBux  is a PTC site that was officially launched on August 28, 2012, and has demonstrated great potential and rapid growth, standing out well ahead of other PTC sites that segment

ProBux is a free service to the whole world that allows advertisers to reach potential clients ... you by displaying their ads on your site and also provides registered users the opportunity to win.

Below, we present for registered users sample strategy from which to start from $ 0 per day and reaches a minimum of 20 -30 USD per day without any investment and for the shortest time.

It is important to know that if a few dollars invested in early (5-10 $ will suffice), will be much easier to reach target much more rapidly. At any time you can add a little money in order to reach the next step faster. The most important steps are to acquire Golden Member and then Ultimate Member.

Here is a description of the strategy:

How to earn more money from ProBux is by acquiring referrals. The more you have, the faster you will earn money. There are two types of referrals and they are direct (Direct) and employed (Rented).

Direct are people who have joined you directly to your site: colleagues, friends and enrolled in your link. You can find the link for direct referrals in My Account - section of the website at the top after the inscription Your referral link. Best ways to get direct referrals to advertise on another site with money to join friends or relatives to make your own page, and use the pages to exchange traffic (traffic exchange websites), in which the page is other people, and then they look at yours


Employees are still real people, but have signed up without being under anyone ProBux hire them again for 30 days. Many people make the mistake of hiring constantly leaving them no money to renew the period of these employees referrals. Rented referrals cost you $ 0.20 a month, at least initially. Most would be active, but some are not. You have the option to change the (recycle) inactive for others, which will cost you $ 0.07. More information about payments can be found in the section at the bottom right of the site - FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

The goal is to get Ultimate Member and have 4000 rented referrals and as many direct referrals. More information can be found in the section: My Account - click the image labeled? Upgrade "to the right. Remember that patience and perseverance are the most important. Therein lies the secret of success!

First step!

Make your PayPal account so you can download earned money. Create your free account ProBux here. Choose a time of day when you will click advertising. Ads are watching from the button above View Ads, then choose to watch advertising, clicks on it and wait for the light above the left to fill and be written: Advertisement validated!. And that's it. Then click on next. Ads at the bottom of the type: Fixed Advertisements are required to perform every day.

Step Two!

Once you reach $ 1 or more from the ad click, transfer this $ 1 off its main balance (Main balance) in the balance for renting referrals (Rental balance). Do not make the mistake of renting referrals when you reach $ 0.6 as most people do. Yes you can rent 3 referrals but will not have the money to hold them when they run out of time. Wait until you have 1 $. It might take a while to get $ 1 alone, but will have the money to keep your new referrals and recycle inactive. You alone decide what your referrals to recycle (replace), but I think we need to recycle referrals to 7 days after purchase were not activated or last not clicked the last 4 days or less have an average of 1.5 clicks day after being your rented referrals for 10 days.

 After the expiry of the 30 day period recommend referrals with an average below 1.5 clicks not renewed ..

Step Three

Continue to employ on 3 referrals when you have $ 1 extra in your account. When you have more money in your account you can begin to recruit more units and referrals. Use the 50% rule (rent referrals for 50% of your money, it is possible however to give yourself an optimal and other calculations), thus you have the means to recycle inactive referrals and extension of active referrals. When you reach 200 rented referrals stop hiring new and just hold them.

Step Four

When your main balance reaches $ 80, use $ 70 of it to buy a Golden Member upgrade. Your rented referrals will immediately start to bring you a 1 cent per click instead of 0.5 cents. Will double revenue from rented referrals double.

Step Five

Begin to rent new referrals. You have enough money to hold them and change inactive. When you reach 2000 referrals stop renting and begin to accumulate money in your bala

Sixth step

As soon as you become a $ 780 Ultimate Member. True it is expensive, but there are many benefits, but also will bring more revenue to pay you money. Give you 10 guaranteed ads daily in 1 cent each. And many other benefits that you can see in the section My Account - Window Upgrade.

Step Seven

Continue to rent referrals until you reach 4000 referrals. As they reach the stop renting referrals. Stop automatic payment if you have previously placed and begin to rent referrals for a longer period 150 or 240 days because it has larger discounts for more days. For 240 days the discount is 30% for automatic payment (autopay) e 15%. The best strategy when you buy Ultimate Member to leave the automatic replacement to replace inactive referrals in 7 days and maybe replace unprofitable referrals average under 0.66 clicks and you have been referrals 14 days.

Eighth Step
The best time to withdraw money when your income of 4,000 referrals, but most people do not have the patience to wait that long. Absolute earliest time I recommend to withdraw money is when you are Golden Member. Keep in mind that the more quickly you reach 4000 referrals, the more money you make over time than if you withdraw earlier than that. 

Create an account ProBux here!

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GadgetWide Tool
Bypass icloud activation lock on your iPhone or iPad. This is the best official service where you can easily do it for free. All you need is to download the software on your computer, and then unzip and install. In this post we will show how to use this software step by step. Many people have this problem, if you buy an iPhone from the street or from an online store there a chance iPhone to be lost or stolen. And iCloud activation ะต activated, and you do not know the passcode. In this case you will not be able to use the services of your iPhone. Therefore we offer a solution how to do this and to solve this problem:GadgetWide Tool

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