Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tips To Save Your Precious Eyes From Computer Vision Syndrome!

Avoiding work on computer is nearly impossible now. You should also be aware about vision problems you get to face, when using computer screen for longer duration. These screens emit harmful blue light and prolonged exposure can lead to digital eye strain in medical lingo. However, one can avoid it by following some simple steps.

 1. Clean your screen regularly

Dirt and dust makes it strenuous for your eyes to read. If you choose to ignore it, you might make it your habit and can lead to chronic headaches in the longer run. Just wipe the screen with a plain cloth and avoid the strain!

2. Use proper lightning

If there is too much light either from internal source or direct sunlight, it causes strain on eyes. You should place your system away from sunlight and eliminate exterior lights. Also avoid to work under over fluorescent lights or turn them to full spectrum.

3. Blink regularly

Computer screens makes us forget to blink and you blink less frequently while working with system. Blinking is must as it moist your eyeballs and prevents them from irritation. If you still feel the problem, use lubricating eye drops prescribed by your doctor. Use laptop in place of desktop as your eyes remain moist.

4. Follow 20-20-20 rule

Take 20 seconds break in every 20 minutes and focus on something 20 feet away from you. This simple task will help you to maintain a healthy moisture level in your eyes. Add another 20 by sitting 20 inches away from the screen.

5. Annual eye examination

Opt for comprehensive eye checkup at least once a year and also prevents any vision problems by keeping a check on them. Eye test reveal other health factors as well such as diabetes, stroke, brain tumours, cardiovascular disease and much more. Also tell your doctor about your computer usage per day.

6. Use number glasses

Having computer glasses is a nice investment as it reduces neck strain, back strain and eye strain. The anti reflective and anti glare coating softens the harsh rays coming from the screen.

7. Include “Green” in your diet

Include leafy veggies in your diet like spinach, broccoli, zucchini, peas etc. It is important to prevent any harm rather than curing it in the longer run. Vision is one the most important senses after all!

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