Thursday, July 31, 2014

Looking To Hack Others' Facebook Accounts? Think Again!

Well, if hacking is your preferred hobby or your profession for that matter, and you go about hacking other peoples' Facebook accounts just for the sheer fun of it, well, you're in for a bitter surprise. A new scam is doing the rounds lately that tricks 'smart' hackers into revealing their own passwords as they look to fiddle around with others' accounts. Clearly, the tables have turned!

Facebook Accounts, hacking, scam, web browser, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, HTML editor , Self-XSS

Talking about the technical aspects, the scam essentially exploits the Self-XSS (cross-site scripting) vulnerability of the web browsers (no way connected with Facebook). There has not been any security update released by Facebook as of now to counter the scam. The best that it has done is to put up a warning to those posting such codes into the HTML editor to refrain from doing so. Although, a security patch would be better for the obvious reasons!

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