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How to earn more money in Probux

ProBux  is a PTC site that was officially launched on August 28, 2012, and has demonstrated great potential and rapid growth, standing out well ahead of other PTC sites that segment

ProBux is a free service to the whole world that allows advertisers to reach potential clients ... you by displaying their ads on your site and also provides registered users the opportunity to win.

Below, we present for registered users sample strategy from which to start from $ 0 per day and reaches a minimum of 20 -30 USD per day without any investment and for the shortest time.

It is important to know that if a few dollars invested in early (5-10 $ will suffice), will be much easier to reach target much more rapidly. At any time you can add a little money in order to reach the next step faster. The most important steps are to acquire Golden Member and then Ultimate Member.

Here is a description of the strategy:

How to earn more money from ProBux is by acquiring referrals. The more you have, the faster you will earn money. There are two types of referrals and they are direct (Direct) and employed (Rented).

Direct are people who have joined you directly to your site: colleagues, friends and enrolled in your link. You can find the link for direct referrals in My Account - section of the website at the top after the inscription Your referral link. Best ways to get direct referrals to advertise on another site with money to join friends or relatives to make your own page, and use the pages to exchange traffic (traffic exchange websites), in which the page is other people, and then they look at yours


Employees are still real people, but have signed up without being under anyone ProBux hire them again for 30 days. Many people make the mistake of hiring constantly leaving them no money to renew the period of these employees referrals. Rented referrals cost you $ 0.20 a month, at least initially. Most would be active, but some are not. You have the option to change the (recycle) inactive for others, which will cost you $ 0.07. More information about payments can be found in the section at the bottom right of the site - FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

The goal is to get Ultimate Member and have 4000 rented referrals and as many direct referrals. More information can be found in the section: My Account - click the image labeled? Upgrade "to the right. Remember that patience and perseverance are the most important. Therein lies the secret of success!

First step!

Make your PayPal account so you can download earned money. Create your free account ProBux here. Choose a time of day when you will click advertising. Ads are watching from the button above View Ads, then choose to watch advertising, clicks on it and wait for the light above the left to fill and be written: Advertisement validated!. And that's it. Then click on next. Ads at the bottom of the type: Fixed Advertisements are required to perform every day.

Step Two!

Once you reach $ 1 or more from the ad click, transfer this $ 1 off its main balance (Main balance) in the balance for renting referrals (Rental balance). Do not make the mistake of renting referrals when you reach $ 0.6 as most people do. Yes you can rent 3 referrals but will not have the money to hold them when they run out of time. Wait until you have 1 $. It might take a while to get $ 1 alone, but will have the money to keep your new referrals and recycle inactive. You alone decide what your referrals to recycle (replace), but I think we need to recycle referrals to 7 days after purchase were not activated or last not clicked the last 4 days or less have an average of 1.5 clicks day after being your rented referrals for 10 days.

 After the expiry of the 30 day period recommend referrals with an average below 1.5 clicks not renewed ..

Step Three

Continue to employ on 3 referrals when you have $ 1 extra in your account. When you have more money in your account you can begin to recruit more units and referrals. Use the 50% rule (rent referrals for 50% of your money, it is possible however to give yourself an optimal and other calculations), thus you have the means to recycle inactive referrals and extension of active referrals. When you reach 200 rented referrals stop hiring new and just hold them.

Step Four

When your main balance reaches $ 80, use $ 70 of it to buy a Golden Member upgrade. Your rented referrals will immediately start to bring you a 1 cent per click instead of 0.5 cents. Will double revenue from rented referrals double.

Step Five

Begin to rent new referrals. You have enough money to hold them and change inactive. When you reach 2000 referrals stop renting and begin to accumulate money in your bala

Sixth step

As soon as you become a $ 780 Ultimate Member. True it is expensive, but there are many benefits, but also will bring more revenue to pay you money. Give you 10 guaranteed ads daily in 1 cent each. And many other benefits that you can see in the section My Account - Window Upgrade.

Step Seven

Continue to rent referrals until you reach 4000 referrals. As they reach the stop renting referrals. Stop automatic payment if you have previously placed and begin to rent referrals for a longer period 150 or 240 days because it has larger discounts for more days. For 240 days the discount is 30% for automatic payment (autopay) e 15%. The best strategy when you buy Ultimate Member to leave the automatic replacement to replace inactive referrals in 7 days and maybe replace unprofitable referrals average under 0.66 clicks and you have been referrals 14 days.

Eighth Step
The best time to withdraw money when your income of 4,000 referrals, but most people do not have the patience to wait that long. Absolute earliest time I recommend to withdraw money is when you are Golden Member. Keep in mind that the more quickly you reach 4000 referrals, the more money you make over time than if you withdraw earlier than that. 

Create an account ProBux here!

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