Sunday, March 27, 2016

How change imei on iphone 4 software

Apple Iphone 4 is one most hackable device , it have bootrom exploit to jailbreak we can get access into boot files for bypass icloud and many hacks possible. But we can hack almost everything, not all you can not donwgrade baseband and you can not activated iphone 4 if not have connection with itunes. So if you bypass icloud you will not be able to unlock carrier and will be stuck no gsm. You work but like ipod. Many hackers did try fix carrier, but no good results. CMDA and GSM are also different to activate. This tool will let you use other method not hacking software .

this video tutorial show you how change imei on iphone 4 with

iphone 4 imei change by darkskytrojan

Different approach Different solution , changing IMEI and with that activate as new iphone 4 out of the box. If you want try be careful also can damage your idevice. this will work only for iphone 4.
Download phonetool ver. 1.0.8

this software is from intel ( phonetool 1.0.8 ) let you change imei on iphone 4 via software dfu mode

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