Tuesday, March 17, 2015

OuterNet : Free Internet to Everbody,Anywhere, Anytime Via “Lantern”

You may find it hard to believe, but a US based
company Outernet is aiming for providing free
Wi-Fi to every person on earth using low-orbit
earth satellites. Outernet, also calling
themselves as Humanity’s Public Library, is a
global broadcast data startup currently being
incubated by the Media Development
Investment Fund (MDIF), a United States-based
impact investment fund and non-profit
organization established in 1995 by Saša
Vučinić and Stuart Auerbach.
They recently began providing free Wi-Fi to 1.3
billion people across North America, Europe
and most of the Middle East. They have
covered regions of Asia Pacific by end of 2014
and by June 2015 the company aims to provide
free internet to everybody across the globe.
Currently, it is  providing 200 MB of data per
day through its high-speed signals, but soon it
would be upgraded to 1 GB. The company is
eying on providing 100 GB of data per day to
users across the globe.

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