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Unbrick Samsung Android: How to Fix Brick Galaxy S7/S6/S5/Note

It has also prevailed the phenomenon can not open the phone or not n opens the tablets and stick to start or Pegman to the android is called - brick-

Hard- brick

This may be due either to failure - failure hardware (hardware) so called hardbrick. This is a difficult situation that may not suit us financially to the correct or not correct so you have to buy another device.

Concerns problematic or burnt parts that need replacing to operate our equipment properly.

If we are under warranty then you realize as you send it for repair or replacement.

However, most cases fall in second- next ktigoria.


Softbrick call any error in the software either in the operating system, the recovery or bootloader and does not allow the device to boot properly. For example bootloop considered softbrick although not often speak as they are easy to fix.

In most cases the device will not boot and sticks to load the software . Although it may not open at all, even to remain in the black display depending on damage.

In advanced damage can even load ratings of the battery does not start when you connect the cable.
================================================== ================================================== ==========
There are many reasons that cause damage to the software, but the most common are:
Failure or accident during our effort to << >> left alone software device Rooting, change Rom .....

Misuse such as removal of the battery in operation, improper heavy programs overloaded cache memory, system updates or stopping system services ..............

================================================== =============================================


And now what ??

It depends on the case.

The solution is not one-way and depends on the damage, the device, the software carries, where you find the damage.

Whether it is not the Root.

Whether the manufacturer allows us to go into Recovery mode or not and if it is okay.

If our device is opened and debugging can connect usb media or not.

Whether we install custom Rom or not and has the original official Rom with locked bootloader or not.

Him and the way that provlepei- tool recommended by the manufacturer or supplier Custom Rom to reinstall the software.

Many other factors .......

If we are under warranty then you realize as you send it for repair.

Do not despair or wrong moves epidinonoun the situation and perhaps destroy the device and remove the battery several times or continuously press the buttons and destroy, or ultimately destroy the software or continuously prosthafairoume software or destroy the recovery partition or the bootloader.

================================================== ================================================== ========

Let's start.

If our device has no function indication (neither light nor any indication Camões in -thoryvo screen) during the connection of the charger, then he likely has blown we parent and at least as ordinary users not nothing we can do ..... .

(In this case we did not hurt the software just before. Otherwise equal softbrick is corrected.)

Prosthafairoume battery + test and with another charger.

If there is evidence and does not open the device we (Softbrick) and move at 3 STAGES

Usually wattles to start at some stage or restarts before opening.

Camarillo This is the usual case.

stage 1

--Archika puts the memory card and Sim and subtract for 2 minutes the battery. The place again without the memory card and SIM and trying to open. If you do not connect the charger opens and xanaprospathoume with attached charger. If nothing is done we proceed to stage 2.

stage 2

We start our device in --recovery mode-- if possible. (No Sim - Memory card)

This usual by pressing simultaneously hold the buttons (Power + volume down). But in many devices the combination keys are different .Gi this search under diadiktio for precise information.

It will be like this:

Whether you can enter se-- Recovery mode-- is not certain and depends on:

-Ton manufacturer if you have the bootloader unlocked or not the device.

- If damaged the recovery partition or not.

- If our device is Root reasonably anticipate being able to go into recovery mode unless the recovery partition suffered damage.

If you can then move to step 3

If you manage and enter recovery mode and that's good then:

A) Run initial Wipe cache and then wipe data / Factory reset and after rebooting of.

(If you want you can get backup if inserted memory card - you do not recommend it)

After restarting An equal your problem be solved.

B) If you do not have to spend again a new CustomRom media card memory.

Download to your computer a suitable Custom Rom into ZIP format.

Step 1: Connect your SD card to your computer and drag the ZIP ROM on your SD card. . When the transfer is complete, remove the card.

Step 2: Insert the SD card back to your phone or your tablet, while the power is off. Now boot into Recovery mode. . . .Select engatastasi from sd card.

Step 3: Let's go through the flashing process. . When finished, restart ..

If successful, your device will now start with the new custom ROM you have installed.

C) If you do not solve the problem, go to STEP 3


Here beyond the easy solution and there orketoi roads go.

A facility re of the apparatus (the official custom rom software) connection means with or without PC.

You can see more in the section

Closed - usb debugging-- fault locator - Without a computer interface.

The hard part is our unit have closed setting - usb debugging--. Thus it can in no case can contact with our computer cable means and make the correction.

To see just connect the device (opened up where hang) with Usb cable to a PC and see if you see Somehow you load the drivers.

Some methods:

a) configuring the sd memory card with Rom .img in bootable form from our computer and simply place it on our device and opening. (Not done in all the devices but a few models)

b) placed in the card memory medium of a bootable file computer, put it on the device and open it.

Remove to our computer a suitable communication program, and rom.

We connect our device is in Service to the computer via usb cable.

Through this program we install the software by following the instructions.

Soon I will update with examples ...

With PC direct connectivity. (Open usb debugging)

Here things are more easily

We can install via our computer with various programs (flash tools) again to Rom, to recovery etc.

Remove the appropriate ergaleio- program on our computer and Rom

We connect our device with usb cable to the computer.

Run the program and follow the instructions.

You can see in the section

Soon I will update with examples ...

For more advanced users there is the allrounder sdk -adb platform .....

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