Monday, December 22, 2014

Isohunt Launches “The Open Bay” – Now Everyone Can Host Own Version of “The Pirate Bay”

On December 9th following its tenth anniversary, The Pirate Bay, a file sharing site went off line after Swedish police authorities raided a Stockholm hosting company. In retaliation, Anonymous have leaked the log-in details of up to 38 Government emails in Sweden and also others across Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, India and Israel.

Since the takedown by police last week, the team have restored the site quickly, having copied The Pirate Bay’s database to put it back online, displaying a strong cyber resilience to the shutdown of recent Tor websites.

A representative from the Stockholm County Police told the BBC in light of this shut down that it had taken years of investigations to discover the locations of the servers containing The Pirate Bay material.[1]

But have larger plans with the re-establishment of The Pirate Bay by introducing open Pirate Bay source code. The intention would be to produce a swarm of “The Open Bay” players rather than a select few. Those with minimal knowledge and the desire will be able to open and host their own domain.[2]

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