Wednesday, June 8, 2016

iPhone Tools icloud jailbreak software

iPhone Tools all in one 
iPhone Tools icloud jailbreak software
icloud iphone tools
This is a windows software pack including all software related to iphone ipad and ipod, if you need fix your idevice this tool can help you. including remove icloud for iphone 4.
Download Software 
software for icloud:
douci activator
icloud patcher

Jailbreak Tools:Taig 16bits devices
most popular jailbreak tools
and others useful tools for backup your iDevice
iPhone Tools icloud jailbreak software
icloud iphone tools jailbreak
download software

Unlock Icloud Methods will work for free

Unlock Icloud Methods will work for free – what you need to know 

Methods will work for free:
- – backup method – Apple invoice – iphishmethod – Ipad hardware method – Find icloud password on backup
Methods will not work :
  • Doulci team ( they are dead since 2014 ) do not buy or try any icloud bypass activator is JUST all Fake don’t lose your money and time.
  • Remove ( also called inject custom firmware )  iPhone 4 yes , others All fake many videos about cfw but apple will not let you restore a CFW not signed and edited.  All theory not real live, don’t lose your time I did more 1000 times many iDevices with libimobiledev.  You will need many exploits to make this work. Not working
  • Any other download software ALL FAKE 100%  : i work/talk a lot with icloud developers probably I know them all. Also check download section, you can find many icloud unlock software xampp files free download you can try all but they are old not work now.
  • Fiddler Method certification files, Fiddler is a free web debugging proxy which logs all HTTP traffic between your computer and the Internet you will need true_certs from apple.

Methods will work Paid service:
  • GSX unlock ( you must have one official apple account )
  • Apple support ( contact apple if you legit owner)
  • Phishing methods ( almost all icloud twitter accounts are phishing )
  • Remote Server Activation ( working server here )
  • Apple id finder via UDID, SN or IMEI ( with gsx )

NOTE: Please do not try sell this files they are free download keep it like this all info here is free. Many new ways / methods to unlock bypass icloud will come up and you will find all here. Follow  twitter or facebook and be the first to know.

How Run Android on iphone 6

How Run Android on iphone 6

How to Run Android on iPhone 6, Finally, Android on the iPhone.
A developer team “tendigi” made one iPhone case to run android OS into iPhone IOS. If someone is interested in running android on iphone 6 ios this is a solution.
all is made with a box emulator allow you run Android from an external box . in this situation the box its an

iPhone 6 case Will Let You Run Android on Your iPhone.

You must install the android app from tendigi to run the google OS on iPhone.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

SMS Phishing scam for icloud email accounts

one of the most used methods to unlock iphones is the phishing method , this method has tree or four variants, most used is fake web pages, icloud or  apple id. Find my Iphone is also other webpage to scam iphone owner info. they just simulate the apple service and ask for the credentials of the iphone. through an SMS or email this method is quite effective .
How this new hack sms iPhone phishing works?

SMS Phishing scam for icloud email accounts
This post is not about apple fake web pages but about new method using alternative email like gmail. most of icloud id are from others email providers . gmail , Hotmail , and yahoo are others accounts also used to activate your idevice. this new video is how this new email hack with the help of phone number works?
SMS Phishing scam for icloud email accounts

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